Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this 3 Day Live Online CPS3 Workshop?

This is a "hands-on" event.  You'll be working along with me to establish your own personalized goals and design your own personal strategy for growing your business and simplifying your life. 


My personal goal is  to show YOU how to work 4x less and earn 4x more! 


The purpose of this event is to show YOU how to CONSISTENTLY attract 16 Cool, Premium Leads (CPLS) every  month.


The purpose of this event is to show YOU how to present a 10-minute Initial Consult and compel 8-12 of those CPLs to ask to work with YOU that day, on the spot.


The purpose of this event is to give YOU the ability to cherry pick the 2-4  families per month that will be Easy, Lucrative and Fun to work with.


The purpose of this event is to teach  YOU how to work with buyers and sellers in the top 50% of your market.


The purpose of this event is to give YOU the CPS3 System and stop you from spending $1,000's per month trying to "Frankenstein" together tactics that ultimately don't work. 


The purpose of this event is to not just exponentially increase YOUR income, but to give YOU your life back: more time at home, more vacations, better relationships with friends and family and less stress, anxiety and overwhelm.


By the end of this event, YOU will have a SYSTEM that provides you with consistent and predictable income and the time to enjoy it!

When is this?

Where is this?

This event takes place "virtually" online in the comfort of your own home. You'll be sent the login details following your registration.

Is this event recorded?

This is an all-hands-on-deck WORKSHOP. It's not a "course". The purpose of this event is not to provide you with more "knowledge". Knowledge without action has no value.

The purpose of this event is to CHANGE LIVES. Experience has taught me that "courses" rarely produce results. But experience has also taught me that when Realtors come to this event and implement what they learn, lives are dramatically changed for the better.

What should I expect out of the event?

The entire goal of this training is to show you how to use my 11 strategies to make you a top producer in your company.  Further, I'm going to show you how to make your real estate business Easy, Lucrative and Fun (my ELF methodology).  


In doing so, we'll get to the bottom of why you're not doing consistently and predictably Attracting and Connecting with the Cool Premium Leads shopping in the Top 50% of your market's price point and why your not having fun along the way.  Then we'll fix whatever's wrong.


Long story short, I'm going to show you how to have fun selling high-end real estate, and how to dramatically increase your income in the process.

Were you serious about your guarantee?

I still have questions, can I contact you personally?

I doubt you'll find this level of service ANYWHERE. Below you'll find my PERSONAL cell number and email address. I've never seen anybody in any industry give out this information. This is just how committed I am to helping you.


But please, since this is my personal contact information, I ask you not to "abuse" it. Thanks.


You can text me at 858-212-1245


Or you may also email me at

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